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I had to come up with an end-to-end marketing strategy proposal in 3 days. The first and only person I thought of to review my proposal was Marcella. She managed to review the proposal in 5 hours thoroughly. All of the corrections were clearly explained and the proposal was so much cleaner. I would highly recommend Marcella as she is experienced, efficient and easy to work with.

Colin C.

Marcella provided fantastic work on my qualitative manuscript. I am so grateful for her expert eye with APA 7, scholarly exposition, and qualitative research methodology. I will 100% use Marcella again! I highly recommend her for all academic editing. 

Walker L.

Marcella was so thorough and easy to work with! It's obvious that she truly cares about helping her clients produce polished, quality content. Her review was thorough, thoughtful, and helped me feel confident about posting my blog online. I was also thrilled by her prompt delivery. She was able to return my project even sooner than promised, and all of my communication with her was efficient and professional. I would recommend Marcella to anyone who is looking for an experienced, professional proofreader to help make their content the best it can be.

Jennifer G.

Marcella proofread my website content, and I was extremely pleased with her superb service and skills. She gave me peace of mind, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The experience was amazing! Using her proofreading expertise was the best decision I could have made for my website. I will definitely use her service again, and I absolutely recommend it to everyone! Marcella is very easy and pleasant to work with. She is thorough and detailed, which is exactly what I was looking for. Her undoubted professionalism is exceptional and stands out immediately due to her quick and timely responses and great communication. The service was prompt and performed much faster than expected. Thank you, Marcella!

Detelina S.

Marcella's proofreading service helped my business' blog get up and running by giving it a clean and well-read polish. Her promptness in providing terms on how she planned to work on my request, and when it would be accomplished made me feel at ease. In addition to the proofreading, she also offered to provide feedback on my business' strategy and copy writing, which I took her up on. Since taking her advice and moving forward with the blog, my company has seen an increase in blog viewings, as well as store visits. I would highly recommend Marcella's services to anyone looking for a quality professional, who is timely and easy to work with.

Gabe C.

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